Creating interactions – Senior Management Conference


Reed Exhibitions hold an annual Senior Management Conference. This is a once yearly opportunity for all of the global leaders within the businesses to come together to interact and network, as well as attending formal business sessions.

Our Response

We’ve worked with Reed Exhibitions for over a decade. As with all of the locations and venues that we propose, whilst each and every event is unique, we believe that one of the key ingredients to successful event delivery is selecting environments and experiences that match the audience and enhance the message.  We’ve delivered this particular conference in locations as diverse as Marrakech, Istanbul, Miami, Madrid and Warsaw. Destinations are proposed on the basis of a full feasibility – from global air connectivity to budgetary parameters. As always, we will leverage our first-hand working experience of global venues to ensure that events are delivered within budget.

As a key outcome of the event was the opportunity for the individual leaders to network and interact, we recommended using a dedicated mobile-optimised networking tool, which we integrated with the registration, agenda & meeting information in a dedicated web-based event app. This was built and managed by Worldspan’s in-house digital engagement team.

By pre-loading the attendee data, once they had registered for the event, delegates had access to the networking app, where they could view and interact with other delegates, edit their own profile and request one-to-one or one-to-many meetings with other delegates. The networking site had a private messaging centre, with automated invitations & messages sent directly to a delegate’s email account.   Available meeting times, locations and meeting topics can be pre-loaded into the networking site to allow the event organiser control over delegate meetings. Delegates could view and print personalised agendas, including all conference sessions and networking meetings, directly from the site. 

Building and managing the event app and networking tool was just part of our overall project management of the event, however it played  a significant and cost-effective role in driving greater engagement and interaction between the delegates.


The Result

Working in partnership with Reed Exhibitions since 2004 has allowed Worldspan to create a business relationship that is based on trust and respect. We were acknowledged and applauded by Reed’s Chairman for our “exceptional logistics” as well as our “thought process and execution in driving increased networking before and during the event”.

We are currently delivering and scoping the 2015 and 2016 events for Reed Exhibitions.


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