WEB APP V MOBILE APP – The ‘lowdown’

WEB APP V MOBILE APP – The ‘lowdown’

Audience engagement is a critical cornerstone of successful event delivery. We are often asked about event-specific apps in general and they are the source of much debate. So which is better or more suited to the event world? Well, we are going to nail our colours to the mast and here’s why we think web apps have the edge!

  • Web apps work across all smartphone devices, as well as all tablet devices, whereas mobile apps don’t – BlackBerry, in particular, is a challenge

  • Web apps offer more creative flexibility in terms of messaging and branding

  • It’s possible to update web app content, without having to repeatedly re-submit, so updates are easier and more timely

  • Web apps tend to be more cost-effective and can be re-skinned year-on-year, with minimal additional cost

  • Clients can have access to the web app admin area to update their own content

  • Web apps offer better cross-platform compatibility

  • Web apps are run on common browsers that can be accessed on most web-enabled smartphones, so device-specific customisation is much simpler from a developer standpoint

  • Web apps are potentially less secure, however it is possible to overcome this with encryption

  • Your registration system can be integrated into a web app easily

  • You are not dependent on 3rd party companies for web app distribution

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